an opportunity to work in a variety of trades

Since its launch, the goal of the MANUFACTUERS FÉVRIER group has been to develop a corporate culture that values entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship with a focus on three strong values that are promoted and shared inside the company: Goodwill, Responsibility and Success.

At LMF, we believe that every colleague is an asset. Our goal is to encourage initiative so everybody can contribute to our growth. We favour rapid decision-making processes and regular feedback to enable each person to improve and set his or her own path towards a higher level of personal and collective success. Confident that everyone can do their best when given the freedom, opportunities and responsibility to create the group today, for tomorrow.

Training, learning and new knowledge form the foundations for high-quality service, but also represent personal growth that the group facilitates for its employees.

LMF has put in place a workplace learning structure in which new skills are taught and maintained, which enables our employees to be versatile and effective.

Thus, all employees, both managers and agents, receive training tailored to the group's different activities.

Lifelong learning programs are also developed for certain skills (languages, computer skills, sales techniques).