Design, one of the key components of French soft power

In 2019, the French Ministry of Culture and the French Ministry of Economy and Finance together organized the first edition of the National Design Forum. Nine months of brainstorming, involving professionals, schools, local authorities and the government, led to a number of measures to strengthen  Design as a performance and attractiveness leverage. The restitution was held in Bercy on December 11.

Design, a smart way to innovate, make a difference and boost competitivity

A recent study by Mckinsey (“The business value of Design”, October 2018) highlights the “clear correlation between best design practices and the companies’ financial performance in all sectors, including consumer goods, medical devices and retail banking”.

Denmark, Finland, Great Britain and China have succeeded in making Design a “key element of performance and global attractiveness”. Used as a transformation leverage in specific segments of luxury or tourism sectors for example , it is a major component of French soft power.

French Design skills 

French Design already shines internationally thanks to many designers such as Philippe Starck and Jean Nouvel who reached worldwide superstardom

These French designers come from design schools equally famous in the world: ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Paris, L’École de design Nantes-Atlantique, ENSAD, Paris, École Boulle, Paris

In October 2017, the European Metropolis of Lille (MEL) becomes the first French city to win the 2020 title of “Global Capital of Design” in recognition of its innovative use of design in order to strengthen its economic, social, cultural and environmental development.

The added value of French design is no longer to be proved today. It is now time to lay strategic foundations for French design growth based on proposals made by professionals. It is really up to companies like our group but also to public decision-makers to promote the French know-how and this “French touch” the whole world envies.

That’s why we joined the French Design by VIA (Promotion of Innovation in Furniture). The French Design by VIA has been imagining for nearly 40 years, the tomorrow French art of living, using Design as a true tool of transformation.

3 of our projects have already been selected by the French Design Incubator, a platform that promotes the team work of designers and manufacturers who jointly develop innovative projects and that accompany them until their product is put on the market.

Design, a  major attractiveness leverage of technical know-how in Les Manufactures Février group

Our companies, such as TecSOM, Régnier and Cardineau have been giving Design a leading role in their strategic decisions for several years now.
We design from a  pragmatic approach focusing on the users real needs and usage scenarios, going far beyond aesthetics.
“Supporting creative and remarkable projects” is a leitmotif assumed and promoted within our group, particularly through our sponsorship or partnership actions with the media, arts, education and ecology.

We consider aesthetic design as an idea or a vision development that is subject to usefulness.

In line with Philippe Stark’s vision who is used to say that “design is useless”, our objective is above all to create functional and comfortable products for the many.

Through our various partnerships with well-known or aspiring designers such as Bruno de Caumont, Bina Baitel, Profil Bas and Geoffrey Pauchard, we aim to increase and promote the potential of a skilled French design on international market.
The will to highlight the diversity of professional sectors in which we operate, motivates us to strive continuously to develop innovative products and services and to initiate new partnerships, always with a concern for quality.