Hotels focus on personalizing textile floor

Each year, the EquipHotel fair for hospitality and restaurant professionals highlights market trends. For almost 50 years, the fair has become an inspiration and connects all stakeholders in the sector. Layout of private and common spaces, floors and walls, the latest edition has revealed the emergence of a smash hit for – the customization of textile floors in hotel in order to create unique design environments.

Textile floors approved by a large majority of the hotelkeepers

Today, hotels clientele looks for a warm and well-kept decoration in the same way as services proposed by the establishment. As walls, the floor is part of the furniture. If the textile floors are sometimes abandoned for the benefit of parquet by the individuals, the tertiary sector bet on this type of floor covering. Besides being ultra resistant, his insulating capacity and his very interesting acoustic qualities, carpet tiles offer a big variety of design. The digital impression allows to realize textile grounds in colors and personalized motives.

It is what the Les Manufactures Février knew to show with its Collection Privée TecSOM, a line of carpet tiles made in collaboration with renowned designers that shows the range of possible designs, graphics and designs on textile floors.

Hoétel Rydges aÇ Christchurch en Nouvelle Zeülande dalles de moquette TecSOM. TecSOM 2

The tertiary sector carpet adorns itself with colors and motives

Technological advances and digital printing slowed down the creative possibilities to propose innovative, personalized and tailor-made textile floors.Thanks to the digital printing, nothing is impossible for the Manufactures Février to answer desires and specific needs. Jungle pattern, 3D effect, signage, the group works as well the carpet in rollers or tiles and proposes an infinity of printed matters. And this is a good thing because one of the emergent trends of the show EquipHotel 2018 is the use of brilliant colors and motives XXL on textile floors. On the background of intense colors carpet, the signage system for example can be graphic and creative, to create originality but always orient visitors to the floors or common areas.

Personalize the carpet to plant the decoration

Flowers, animal, geometrical landscapes, scenes of life, forms … Nothing is too beautiful for a hotel ! The purpose? Create a unique atmosphere and make correspond a graphic carpet or a patterns carpet with the furniture of rooms and style of the common spaces. The purpose? Attract more visitors and develop loyalty of the customers. To make the difference, the 3D carpet is a good alternative.By playing on height, structure and thickness of velvet buckles, she allows to obtain a three-dimensional aspect which brings an unequalled comfort besides getting more the light. Carpets for EPR (public access building) are available at the Manufactures Février. For an institution such as a hotel, a family pension or a tourist residence, it is mandatory to meet certain accessibility and safety standards.

Hoétel Novotel Paris Porte de Montreuil Soca. Studio Constance Guisset