Energy efficiency consulting and funding

Have your sites audited to enjoy better energy performance contracts

From design to implementation, whether you are a manufacturer, a professional from the tertiary sector or a municipality, LMF Environnement will assist you in every stage of your energy efficiency project.

Expert design offices

As a producer of energy savings, our GEO PLC & GEO ENERGIE ET SERVICES experts advise both large groups - large manufacturers or office parks - and municipalities on how to limit their consumption. Thanks to our design offices, we can offer extremely thorough technical analyses of energy savings.

Created in 1964, our design offices, whose activity is focused on providing recommendations, assist professionals and public administrations through auditing missions, feasibility studies, planning, and control and verification missions during the creation and maintenance of facilities.

SIts activity covers all building sectors, with a strong predominance of tertiary and residential buildings. All building trades, whether architectural or technical, are handled by our design office GEO Energie et Services, with a strong focus on utilities. Its main goal is to offer equipment with excellent energy performance to its customers while also seeking out the best quality-price ratio for the project and its operation.

With GEO Energie et Services, we examine your specific needs and requirements to target the aspects to optimize and the new technologies to implement.

In parallel to the energy assessment of industrial and tertiary buildings, our actions rely on Energy Savings Certificate (Certificats d'Économies d'Énergie, CEE) funding, which also enables us to assist you by advising you on your projects.  

From project deployment to project management assistance, our experts take on work control and verification missions as well as facility maintenance. We cover all building sectors. Our main goal is to offer facilities with good energy performance to our customers while seeking out the best quality-price ratio for your project and its operation.

A network of qualified partners

For over 10 years, with GEO PLC, we have developed a network of qualified artisans and installers with whom we regularly work. Trading networks are also partners of choice. Attentive to their needs, we provide them with the necessary administrative support to enable them to pass on to their clients all the benefits connected to the certificate allowances.

Thanks to this wonderful network of serious, engaged professionals, we have been able to familiarize ourselves with the insulation trades. We have transitioned from an administrative support position to that of a 360° partner: our teams can identify construction sites and monitor the progress of the work until it is delivered.

RGE artisans

Since the launch of the RGE program by the public authorities, which takes into account the quality of certain installers and the building's overall performance, our GEO PLC experts have taken measures, widely supported by all businesses, to organize training sessions and make it possible for all of our artisans to learn about energy efficiency projects. This RGE certification has since become mandatory to obtain CEEs for certain kinds of insulation work in private residences.

We have kept up with the same development in the industrial sector, where we have learned to work with air conditioning technicians who can work with all of the heating and cooling networks in a factory, and with whom we have been collaborating for many years.

New renovation projects in the future

Our aim is to create an offering, make it attractive either because it is completely free or because the CEE subsidy covers part of the cost of the renovation work.

After the free light bulb, free attic insulation and free pipe insulation initiatives, GEO PLC is preparing to launch new offers

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