The energy transition

in action

Cutting the French energy bill in half by 2050 involves a strong commitment from all professionals. This is why, since 2008, Manufactures Février has been mobilizing through the companies GEO PLC & GEO INDUSTRIES & GEO ENERGIES SERVICES to work towards the energy transitions of industrial sites, workplaces and homes.

geo plc
geo plc

In 2005, the government committed to reducing France's energy consumption. To achieve this, it requires energy companies and fuel suppliers, subject to hefty penalties, to encourage their customers to save energy.

In this context, the GEO PLC group, a private, independent Energy Transition player, helps energy companies reach their goals by creating energy-efficiency projects for individuals, such as MesAmpoulesGratuites for free LED bulbs and MesComblesGratuits for attic insulation. The company also targets professionals with this energy transition strategy, through MonCalorifugeageGratuit for pipe insulation.  

A pioneer in the market of Energy Efficiency Service Companies, GEO PLC assists individuals, municipalities, companies and manufacturers as they take energy retrofitting actions.