A partner

in the social and solidarity economy

bretagne atelier


BRETAGNE ATELIERS is an Adapted Company that is ISO 9001, ISO 9110 and EN 15085-2 certified and has been assigned "verified" status under ISO 26000.


It is one of the largest French industrial Adapted Companies (Entreprise Adaptée). The company also contains two ESATs, French organizations that facilitate employment for disabled persons.


Bretagne Ateliers primarily focuses on our Lighting activities

Thomas Watt Lighting Pro, Thomas Watt INDUSTRIE, Thomas Watt ENTREPRISE & LEXILGHT


  • over 40 years of subcontracting experience
  • 560 employees, including 400 handicapped workers
  • 3 production units covering 25,500 m²
  • €19M in 2017
  • A variety of industrial know-how: turnkey integration, industrial assembly, wiring, metalwork, machining, multi-technology integration, logistics, reconstruction of pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical equipment, etc.


A social and societal company


It is often through work that people with handicaps are able to increase their independence and regain their dignity. In its 43 years of existence, Brétagne Ateliers has enabled over 2,900 employees to develop the confidence necessary to start over, proving that it's always possible to adapt companies to suit people.


MANUFACTURES FEVRIER is especially proud to help place people at the heart of the company thanks to a partner with a proven, acclaimed industrial culture.