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Measures to reduce and control energy consumption that cost €0 for the individuals and companies that implement them! How is this possible? Thanks to the Energy Savings Certificate (Certificats d'économies d'énergie, CEE) program created by articles 14 to 17 of French Program Act no. 2005-781 of 13 July 2005 establishing energy policy guidelines (POPE Law), one of the main instruments of the energy demand control policy.

CEEs are awarded, under specific conditions, by the Ministry for Energy, to eligible entities (both those for which it is compulsory, and other corporate entities for which it is not compulsory) that carry out energy efficiency actions. For many years, GEO PLC has formed partnerships with RGE (Reconnu garant de l'environnement, proven protector of the environment) installers specializing in energy efficiency renovations. For a consumer to claim eligibility for a CEE, he or she must use the services of a professional with RGE qualifications (except for insulation work, which is aimed at co-ownerships). IF all conditions are met, the CEE's delegate entity, GEO PLC, will fund the entire project on behalf of the company, industry, municipality or individual and directly remunerate the qualified professional in charge of carrying it out.

Our mission? To develop energy savings solutions

territoire energie positive pour la croissance verte geo plc

Initiated in July 2007, the Grenelle de l'Environnement brought together government representatives, local municipalities, NGOs, companies and employees in order to foster the emergence in France of actions in favour of ecology, the environment and biodiversity. Two laws, "Grenelle I" and "Grenelle II", were adopted in 2009 and 2010 following these large-scale discussions and led to the adoption of the Energy Transition Law for Green Growth. The aims of this law included the construction, starting in 2020, of new buildings that produce more energy than they consume, as well as a massive increase, over the long term, in renovations of existing buildings to improve their energy performance.

Manufactures Février and its partner GEO PLC meet the requirements of the Energy Transition Law and both subscribe to the same vision: of achieving eco-performance by bringing together the skills of French entities that care about the environment and sustainable development.


The results of our actions in a few key figures* :

  • 1 million individual water heaters and the replacement of shared water heaters for 400,000 apartments.
  • 480 000 wood heating units.
  • 116 000 heat pumps.
  • 260 000 m² solar collectors for water heaters in the overseas departments (approximately 50,000 homes).
  • 45 million m² of insulation (approximately 300,000 homes whose attics or roofs have been insulated, and 125,000 whose walls have been insulated).
  • Over 3 million insulating glass windows.
  • 6 million A+ class LED bulbs.

Source: Ministry of the Ecological and Solidarity Transition