and artistry

It is our combination of tradition and modernity that enables us to ensure the continuation of our teams' expertise in the manufacture of our products while training them in new mechanical engineering innovations. We provide our different trades with knowledge and skills that are shared within the factory itself.

Each product is manufactured with care and devotion; it is our artisans who make it possible for you to use our products for your industrial applications: textile floor coverings, furniture, partitions and wood accessories, LED light fixtures, technical equipment and energy performance.

Our teams complete all intermediate and finishing steps by hand, continuing our artisanal tradition and expertise to produce exceptional finished products.

Quality control is an essential element to ensure a high level of performance, guarantee us an advantageous position and consolidate our customers' interest in the products and services we offer.

As part of our continuous improvement process, our search for quality is intrinsically linked to our historic know-how and to our production processes and procedures. This not only serves to increase our customers' satisfaction, but also enables our companies to improve their efficiency and performance.

Meeting the highest standards, working in partnership with our employees - a constant source of ideas - and our suppliers, we incorporate the entire organization and all of the procedures and resources available, enabling us to implement high-quality management à la française.

Expertise and artistry, combined with excellent listening and analysis skills, are the keys to our success.

And while we embrace the industry of the future with energy and enthusiasm, we nevertheless believe that robots will never replace the human eye for finishing work.