Our teams' wellbeing and comfort

The technologies we require to grow are sought out, developed and integrated into the company by people, namely via our R&D centres and design offices. The expertise of our engineering offices is developed exactly the same way as traditional, superior know-how.

We look out for our teams' wellbeing and ensure that they thrive within the company, by encouraging dialogue between management and employees, developing participative management models, and involving and empowering teams in the steering of projects that are important for the future of the company. We are committed to keeping jobs local: preserving French manufacturing, within France, because solidarity is one of the pillars of our philosophy.

I am driven by those around me, my employees. It's crucial for me that they be on board.Christophe Février, Président of Manufactures Février

We also look out for our teams' comfort by putting machines to work for people in order to improve working conditions and lessen the drudgery of certain tasks.

Above all, it is our history and extensive experience that enable us to deliver high-quality production.